Turner Osler M.D.

Trauma Surgeon, Research Epidemiologist, Leader in Active Sitting

Dr. Osler's TEDx Talk

Meet Dr. Turner Osler

Dr. Turner Osler, a career academic trauma surgeon at the University of Vermont Medical Center, observed that while our chair-centric society requires sitting for hours every day, such enforced periods of prolonged, static, and unnatural posture not only damages our day-to-day health, but actually shortens our lifespans. Turner decided we should all be sitting better.

With decades of experience as a physician and researcher, and a leading team of furniture designers and body work experts, Turner set out to make his vision of a more healthy sitting experience a reality. The result was QOR360. Inspired by traditions of Yoga, Aikido, Feldenkrais, and bodywork, the QOR360 uses proprietary technology to provide a sitting surface that rocks in every direction allowing your spine to adopt its natural, perfect posture while sitting.